Monday, November 7, 2011

Beyond All Evil: Two monsters, two mothers, a love that will last forever

Beyond All Evil tells the true story of two women whose lives were torn apart when on the same day, just a few miles apart, their husbands murdered their children.

In pre-meditated acts of unspeakable cruelty, two men chose that day to enact revenge in the most horrendous way possible, on the wives who had dared to leave them.

June Thomson and Giselle Ross, two people who were total strangers to each other, have now formed a firm friendship and lend support to each other in a way no-one else in the world can.

No-one, unless their children have been murdered by their partners, can possibly understand how those women feel. But they understood each other's grief.

June Thomson lost daughter Michelle, 25, and son Ryan, 7, when her husband, Rab, stabbed them during an access visit.

Just 5 hours later and 50 miles away, Giselle Ross learned that her estranged husband Ashok Kalyanjee has slit their sons' throats while taking the kids out on an access visit.

Two year old Jay Jay first, while his older brother watched in terror, then Paul, aged just six.

Husband and wife team newspaper reporters and award wining journalists Marion Scott and Jim BcBeth have co-written Beyond All Evil, along with Giselle Ross and June Thomson.