Monday, July 25, 2011

Top 10 Best Selling Books UK August 2011

The top 10 best selling books in the UK in August 2011 are as follows:
  1. Cold Kill by Neil White 
  2. Falling Star by Diana Dempsey 
  3. Negotiate by Jill Laurell 
  4. That Summer in Ischia by Penny Feeny 
  5. The Dukan Diet by Dr. Pierre Dukan 
  6. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 
  7. Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes 
  8. Confessions of a GP by Benjamin Daniels 
  9. One Day by David Nicholls
  10. When God Was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman

Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes

Into the Darkest Corner

Into the Darkest Corner is a very impressive first novel by Elizabeth Haynes, that will grip you from the very start.

It's a psychological thriller about a normal woman who develops Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, through the behaviour of another close to her. We see close at hand how a woman is affected by domestic violence, willing her to get out of her situation.

This is a real page turner that is best read when you have no other pressing activities to take you away, but don't read it late at night or you may not be able to sleep!

Into the Darkest Corner is one of the best books on the market which is highly recommended reading, unless you are of a very nervous disposition.

Available in Kindle and Paperback.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

It is hard to believe that The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is once again a best seller, and in the 21st century too!

This collection of short stories about  the master of crime solving, Sherlock Holmes, by the one and only Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is now wowing a brand new audience that are probably the great-great grandchildren of the people who first helped Sir Arthur Conan Doyle shoot to stardom.

Originally published in The Strand Magazine, each complete short story is a whodunnit murder/mystery that will keep you guessing right up until the end.

All 12 of the short stories are written from the viewpoint of Watson, Sherlock Holmes's trusted friend.

Set in Victorian Britain, the language used throughout is easily readable and highly absorbing. Having read those stories years ago, it's been a joy to re-visit them once more.

This is a must for every family home. Brilliant stuff. Classic yet timeless could best describe The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Available in Kindle, Hardcover, Audiobook, Audio download and Paperback.

That Summer in Ischia by Penny Feeny

That Summer in Ischia

A beautifully-written first novel by Penny Feeny, That Summer in Ischia is a story spanning 3 decades.

Best friends Helena and Liddy both travel together to the island of Ischia off Italy's coast in the Mediterranean to take up positions of au pairs to two wealthy Italian families.

With dreams of love and romance under the hot summer sun, the two friends find themselves under police arrest when a child in their care goes missing.

Held separately, their friendship falls apart as they blame each other.

25 years later, they accidentally meet up and journey back to Ischia to find out what really happened.

This is a wonderful book, well written. The reader is drawn in to their lives and That Summer in Ischia is hard to put down, wanting to know what happens next.

A great summer read that will leave you wanting to read more by Penny Feeny.

That Summer in Ischia is available in both Kindle and Peperback.

Negotiate by Jay Laurell


The title 'Negotiate' seems to have confused a lot of readers of this fantastically-paced book by Jay Laurell, as there is very little negotiating actually going on!

Invariably described as one of the best books in a decade, Negotiate is set in the US where persons under the control of the mysterious Diablo have set a series of bombs in 8 FBI buildings in 8 different cities.

If they are set off, thousands of lives will be lost.

President Stanton cannot accede to terrorist demands due to the governments frequently affirmed policy, yet is aware that a terror worse that 9/11 will be unfolded should those bombs explode.

Tremendous drama in Negotiate, this is a thriller that will thrill. This is a book that is very hard to put down, and should appeal to a wide range of readers.

Available in Kindle edition.

Falling Star by Diana Dempsey

Falling Star

Falling Star is a delightful first novel by Diana Dempsey.

Set mainly around the life of Natalie Daniels, the fictitious news anchor on a US TV channel, whose boss, with one eye on budget and the other on the ratings, want to dump her for a younger and cheaper model.

Meanwhile, Natalie's husband has left her, and a new man steps into her life in the form of a gorgeous Australian TV news agent, who is about to propose to someone else.

This book is funny, and uplifting, and fast-paced, and a wonderful read.

It would seem Diana Dempsey has experience of working in TV news channels, as the details in her book would suggest a great deal of working knowledge.

Falling Star might be a book for the girls, but try it, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Falling Star is available in both Kindle and Paperback.

Cold Kill by Neil White

Cold Kill

Cold Kill is the 5th book in a series by British crime thriller writer Neil White but can be read as a standalone book by its own.

A policeman's daughter is murdered in horrific circumstances. Three weeks later, a crime boss's daughter is murdered in similar fashion.

Detective Sergeant Laura McGanity finds herself in danger as the killer closes in on his next target.

Meanwhile intrepid reporter Jack Garrett is also on the case, and while researching for his story, he finds the two cases are linked.

This book is fast-paced and gripping, and a thoroughly enjoyable read, and Neil White is quickly establishing himself as one of the great crime thriller writers, such is the popularity of his books.

Available in Kindle or Paperback.

Previous books in this series with the lady detective and the male reporter include:

Lost Souls

Fallen Idols

Dead Silent

Last Rites

Confessions of a GP by Benjamin Daniels

Confessions of a GP

Confessions of a GP is written by a real doctor using the pseudonym of Benjamin Daniels.

At only 27 he simply does not have the experience to write an authoritative angle, but what we have instead is a fairly short book with short chapters, telling us amusing tales about his patients - like the octogenarian who visits the doctor but can't remember why he made the appointment to come, or the woman demanding antibiotics for what is obviously a simple viral infection.

It has been generally well-received, however, and for light reading, is quite delightful. Funny in places, and serious in others (like dealing with death), it is an insight into the life a busy GP which will perhaps make you smile next time you have to visit your doctor.

Confessions of a GP by Benjamin Daniels is available in Kindle, Paperback and Audio.