Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Dukan Diet by Doctor Pierre Dukan

The Dukan Diet by Dr. Pierre Dukan

Women (and men)  the world over are losing weight fast and KEEPING IT OFF, thanks to Dr. Pierre Dukan who developed The Dukan Diet diet plan 10 years ago. You may have read about it on the internet, but no-one explains it so well, and the science behind why it works, than the author himself.
There are basically 4 stages to the Dukan Diet:

  1. Attack - during this phase that lasts several days you are only allowed to eat from a list of 70-odd lean proteins and water.
  2. Cruise - stay on Cruise until you have achieved ideal weight loss by alternating protein only days with protein plus vegetable days.
  3. Consolidation - Gradually adding starches and fats back into your diet in a carefully controlled way, plus the introduction of celebratory meals.
  4. Stabilisation - Maintain your target weight by following three simple rules, fully explained within the book.
I'm a fan of low-carb dieting and I know it works. In fact, a friend just now is following the Dukan diet and she is not only slimmer, she looks better too.

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