Monday, July 25, 2011

That Summer in Ischia by Penny Feeny

That Summer in Ischia

A beautifully-written first novel by Penny Feeny, That Summer in Ischia is a story spanning 3 decades.

Best friends Helena and Liddy both travel together to the island of Ischia off Italy's coast in the Mediterranean to take up positions of au pairs to two wealthy Italian families.

With dreams of love and romance under the hot summer sun, the two friends find themselves under police arrest when a child in their care goes missing.

Held separately, their friendship falls apart as they blame each other.

25 years later, they accidentally meet up and journey back to Ischia to find out what really happened.

This is a wonderful book, well written. The reader is drawn in to their lives and That Summer in Ischia is hard to put down, wanting to know what happens next.

A great summer read that will leave you wanting to read more by Penny Feeny.

That Summer in Ischia is available in both Kindle and Peperback.

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