Friday, October 28, 2011

Snuff: Discworld Novel 39 by Terry Pratchett

In Snuff: Discworld Novel 39, Sybil, Commander Vimes's wife, insists he has a break at her ancestral pile in the country.

Green fields, fresh air, relaxation.

Not quite. It is not long before Vimes finds himself investigating a murder while leads to an even graver crime being committed.

Previously, Sir Terry Pratchett's books brought us stories that we humorous with an undertone of morality. In this latest Discworld novel, the morality is more deeply entrenched and the humour less so.

There are some funny scenes throughout, but in the main it is serious book that will make you think.

Some critics have even suggested that Sir Terry Pratchett's illness may be affecting his writing. He is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.

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