Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bone and Cain by David Belbin

Bone and cane by David Belbin
Bone and Cain a political thriller set in Nottingham in the last 1990's, which according to reviews has been warmly received all round.

A young MP helps quash the conviction of a man accused of the murder of a policeman and his wife, but this man, Ed Clark, later attempts to rape the MP and admits to her that he was in fact guilty.

During the course of the story and with elections looming, the MP, Sarah Bone, meets up with old university flame Nick Cane who is fresh out of prison having served 5 years for an illegal cannabis growing operation. The biggest question on his mind is 'who grassed him up?'

He is now driving a mini-cab and a colleague of his is Ed Clark, the man whose conviction MP Bone helped to quash.

Pressure is growing on Sarah, as the dead policeman's sister, Polly Burton, demands a fresh enquiry into her brother's death and is making it  a political issue with the upcoming election.

Sarah herself has grave doubts about the Ed Clark's release as she realises she may have helped a gross injustice, and is determined to find out the truth.

Reviewers have stated that this book is a little bit difficult to get into at the start, but then it become un-put-downable with a great storyline that leaves the reader feeling knowledgeable about how election campaigns are run.

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