Saturday, June 4, 2011

Truth Dare Kill by Gordon Ferris

Truth Dare Kill by Gordon Ferris

Truth Dare Kill is set in post-War London.Lead character is Danny McCrae and he is a private detective.

No normal PD, Danny McCrae is haunted and damaged by things he did and saw in France during the War and he suffers blackouts and flashbacks and has all this to deal with, as well as the struggles of day-to-day living in a bombed and devastated London.

Follow Danny as he searches through the rubble of London looking for clues to help his rich client, Kate Graveney, while battling black-outs that sometimes last days at a time, bringing Danny into trouble with the Law and other enforcers before this book reaches its exciting final conclusion.

Widely thought to be an excellent book that readers do not want to put down.

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